Automation Gates

Electric Gates for the East Midlands (01773) 512003

Method Statement


Servicing automated gates.

A Camesafe accredited member of staff must supervise servicing of gates.

Implementation of work:

Firstly on arrival where possible discuss the operation of the gates with the customer and find out if they have any specific problems with the gate. Note these on the checklist.

Check all control accessories are working correctly; report any problems immediately with the customer. This is important because often the customer is unaware a rarely used control has failed. Note all controls and their condition on the checklist.

Carry out a full safety check on the gates bar the force testing, which will be carried out last. This is covered in a separate procedure.

If at this stage the gateway risk assessment has any risk levels of 500 or greater then the gateway should be switched off and this discussed with the customer. Suggest possible remedial action to be taken and arrange for a quotation for this work. Switch off the gate and recommend to the customer that they do not use the automation until corrective work has been undertaken.

Operate the gate and gently push the ends of both gates whilst they are in movement. Check for excessive play in gate hinges and the motors.

Visually inspect all accessories and junction boxes for damaged casings. Open accessories and junction boxes where feasible and check for water and insect ingress, clean out boxes and reseal as needed. If a second staff member is present this stage can be carried out whilst the Camesafe trained engineer force tests the gates.

Clean accessories with a rag and soapy water or WD40

Isolate the gates and ensure they can’t be reactivated whilst the mechanical servicing is carried out. Turn and lock off local rotary isolation or isolock the MCB feeding the gates. As a last resort remove control panel fuses and keep them in your pocket.

Where safely possible take gates off hinges and motors and grease all metal to metal contact points.

Oil manual release locks.

Carry out any motor specific servicing.

Switch the electricity supply for the gates back on.

Force test the gates

Give Servicing Checklist, Safety Checklist and Force Test Results to the customer. At this stage any hazards with a risk level of 50 to 499 should be discussed with the customer and remedial action discussed.

Ensure the customer knows how to manually release the gates and has keys to enable them to do so.