Automation Gates

Electric Gates for the East Midlands (01773) 512003

Method Statement

Scope :

Servicing Came Frog underground motors.

Implementation of work :

Operate the gate gates and gently push the ends of both gates whilst they are in movement. Check for excessive play in gate hinges and the motor heads. Check foundation boxes for damage

Remove motor link arms

Remove all motors from the underground foundation boxes and clean out boxes

Inspect motor cable for damage, joint for being correctly sealed and earth cable

Inspect for functional drainage

Grease box mounting studs with copper grease and bolt motors back down

Grease link arms

Manually release gates

Where safely possible take gates off hinges and motors and grease all metal to metal contact points, including between the two parts of the bottom hinges. If this is not possible grease the gates using the grease nipples on the hinge.

WD40 manual release locks

Replace gates and link arms

Lock gates back onto manual locks.

Pull the motor terminal block from the control panel and using a multimeter check the resistance between Terminal W and U,V,X,Y all resistances should be between 30 to 40 ohms.

Leave the site tidy and ensure all lids are secured shut.