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If an your automatic gate is not opening on your remote control try the following.

  1. Try using another control to open the gates such as a keypad or intercom. If this works then try another remote control. If another remote control work then it is likely your remote control batteries are flat. If no remote controls work but you can open the gates using other controls the your have a problem with your remote control receiver.
  2. Check that the power supply to the gate is on. If your automated gate was installed by us we would have explained where the electrical isolation was at time of installation. If you are unsure then check your electricity consumer unit (fuse box) and see if any of the switches are in the off position. Read the labels of any switches that are off and if they are for the electric gate, switch it back on. If the trip switch returns to the off position again then you will need to ring us and ask for a visit by one of our engineers to repair your gate. If the switch stays on then try your gate again. If the switch stays on but then trips off as soon as you operate the gate then you most likey have either a faulty motor, damaged cable to the motor or an electrical joint on that cable with water in it.
  3. If power to the gate was on try turning the power off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. This will reset any microprocessor controls for the gate.
  4. If your gate has safety beams then check the safety beams are working.
  5. The electronic gate control panels internal fuses may have blown. it is very important that you isolate the gate electrics before checking them. DO NOT PROCEDE IF YOU ARE UNSURE HOW TO SWITCH THE POWER OFF. After switching of the power to the gateway open up the control panel enclosure. Look on the main circuit board for the labeled fuses. Open each one in turn and look at the glass fuse inside. If the fuse has not blown you should be able to see a very fine silver wire inside it. If the fuse has blown there may be replacements in the control panel housing. Read the rating of the fuse on the silver cap and replace it with one of the same rating. If is very important you only use a fuse of exactly the same rating or you may damage your equipment. If you are at all unsure of the correct fuse to use or the fuse blows again after you have replaced it and switched power back on then yousystem will need repairing
  6. All gate automation should have some method of releasing the gates from their motors and operating them manualy. We have a page with help to do this with some of the more common motors.
  7. If none of the above helps then your gate will need professional help and we recommend you contact us