Automation Gates

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Method Statement


Safety testing and assessment of all kinds of automatic gate installations.

A Camesafe accredited engineer must undertake this work.

Implementation of work:

Risk Assessment

Carry out a risk assessment of the installation with regard to the design and condition of the gate.

Presence detection devices (Safety Beams)

Test the operation of all presence detection devices in both opening and closing cycles of the gate. At least one set of the beams should be set at regulation height (500mm from ground level) very close to the gate closing line. Additional beams to protect property may be at unusual heights. An example of these is 1000m high beams to detect high bases vehicles.

Record the operation type of all devices in each direction.

Motor Force Limitation

Check if encoder or amperemetric based force limitation is used by the gate control panel. If so test it’s correct operation. This should be carried out even if EN12445 compliance is achieved through safety ribs.

If no motor based force limitation is in use record any power settings in the control panel e.g. Came ZA3 control panel transformer output or BFT torque setting.

Pressure Sensitive Strips (Safety Ribs)

It is paramount that you do not use a body part to test the operation of safety ribs. You must not be in the danger area of a gate when testing them. Count the number of fixed and mobile safety ribs used on the installation and record the total.

Test each rib in turn during the appropriate movement cycle of the gate using a length of wood whilst ensuring you are in a safe location. When happy of the correct operation of the safety ribs force test each rib and note down the results.

Mechanical Condition

Check the condition of the gate and support posts. Report any serious corrosion or rot that could affect it’s stability. Check sliding gates have appropriate physical stops to ensure they cannot slide too far and fall over.

Manual Override

Check the gates manual release mechanism works correctly

Motor Earth Bonding Inspection

Physically inspect earth bonding. Then resistance test each motor to control panel earth connection and record the result.

Force Testing

If the installation is using safety solution C a set of force tests must be undertaken, a report produced and its test number recorded.