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About our steel gates

All of our steel gates are bespoke and hand made to the customers order. We make gates to fit your entryway not adjust your entryway to fit a standard design of gate. As each of our gates are custom made all the designs shown in the pages following are ideas and we can vary them to suit the aesthetic you desire, adding or removing ornamentation, cross rails, or adding you house name into the gate design. If you prefer we can make a complete custom design to your drawing as long as the design would be structurally sound.

Our steel gates are usualy provided hot dip zinc galvanised and powder coated. Unfortunately there are size limitations on what can be treated in this way but it is unusual for domestic gates to be too large to fit in the tanks and ovens. We will talk to you if we need to use an alternative finish. We by default coat metalwork in satin black but the powder coating can be in any color in the 'RAL K7 Classic' spectrum.

Wrought iron style gates

There are many companies claiming to sell wrought iron gates but most most of them are actually selling a mild steel product. At time of writing this page a google search for "wrought iron gates" returns one real wrought iron blacksmith in the first five pages.

The metal gates we produce are constructed from hot dipped galvanised mild steel which provides a very high strength to weight ratio, excellent resistance to corrosion and retains of the aesthetic of wrought iron. The end gate is then powder coat painted in a colour of your choice. Mild steel is the material that most metal gates are currently made from, the only difference with our gates is that we do not try to mislead our customers into thinking they are going to receive true wrought iron. We are able and happy to provide true wrought iron gates but due to the scarcity of materials supplies and the labour involved the cost is roughly ten times the cost of an equivalent mild steel gate.

Cast Iron Gates